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Your consumers are marketing for you!

March 19, 2011

And they don’t even ask for a pay cheque…

In a today’s competitive arena where every organisation is talking about ‘enhancing toplines’, what most of them are missing out on are the FREE EMPLOYEES who are working day-in and day-out to increase your brand equity. These are your consumers… don’t believe it – refer my post ‘WOM is WOW’ (shit, even I unknowingly recommended a brand in that post :o).

The only common thing between dinosaurs and B2C marketing is that they are both EXTINCT!

Dude, that doesn’t mean that all marketers (including me) become accountants. It means we have a tougher task at hand – give our customers delight so that they pass this on to the rest of the universe (Its almost like position 69).

So, last year we witnessed group buying via sharing and referencing reaching never-seen-before heights. Groupon achieved $1bn sales in less tha 3 years which the like of ebay took 7 years! China’s group-buy ‘Taobao’ achieved 1Mercedes/minute. This shows the power of  WOM and sharing!


We are all living in the world of Advertising 2.0, where the consumer says: I don’t mind ads because they pay for my attention by giving me valuable content “for free”! (content here refers to great offers as available on groupon or free downloads and so on)

The days of anti-viruses are over … today marketers have to themselves create a viral! Creating a viral is no rocket science if you know what would have delighted had you been a consumer yourself!

Today, sharing is one of the major enabler to brand building that makes rest of the universe refer/incline towards your products and services. People share what they love – so start romanicing with your consumers n they won’t ditch unlike my 3rd GF 😉

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