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Database, Now in 3D – Part 1

September 6, 2011


Last month I called at the call center of one of the major banks in India coz I wanted to switch my primary account and hence needed some information before coming to a decision. I was satisfied with the information and hence gave all my details for further contact. A rep from the nearest branch came and completed all formalities. Last week, I went to a branch of the same bank near my office and enquired about car loan, they inturn took my personal details again. Since, then I have been receiving several calls from various places from the same bank, and they don’t even understand that the person with an account and the person needing the loan is the same person – THAT’S ME!

Don’t worry; this is NOT a ‘complaint blog’. The point I’m trying to make is that – organizations today are so database heavy that they lack a single view of each consumer. No doubts, they use deduplication tools on a regular basis to filter these data off! But, the question is – only deduplicating data gives a clear database? Of course Not!

The problem is that most organizations look at database in 2D i.e. Detailing (contact details, relationship value, etc.) and Domain (the kind of services the user takes from the organisation, usage, best product fit, etc.). But, today is the era of 3D, even Vikram Bhatt makes movies in 3D, so do MNCs lack on it…

The concept on 3D database adds another D – Delight! Each database entry is not just a combination of fields and tupples… they represent “REAL LIFE INDIVIDUALS” who eat, sleep, aspire, work, play, enjoy, cry, spend and save like your organizations’ Business Intelligence & Marketing Employees.

 The key is – Identify Emotions to Deliver Delight

In simple terms, if a user tweets about getting a new job or a bank account holder requests for a 6 months bank statement or a broadband subscriber utilizes his one month data plan in 10 days… the common link between each is that “each of these consumers are speaking”. But, as organizations, marketers are busy talking on TV, Advertising on online banners, enhancing reach via print media!


This is what we do – Feed the consumer (baby) with our preconceived message

But the fact is – consumers are talking about their needs and if you are lucky about you


All we need to do is to add depth in our database, by listening to each consumer… now the question is how??

The answer is coming up very soon in my next post! Keep thinking (in 3D ;))



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