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Database, Now in 3D – Part 2

October 9, 2011


This is obviously the next blog of the series – Database, Now in 3D , which talked about bringing a new dimension to database – Delight! This post talks more on ‘how’ rather than ‘what’; the approach every marketer must take in order to leverage databases. Let’s see few techniques:

– Barcode your customers: Create a single view of every end-user and look at him as an individual, the way a barcode clearly distinguishes between a Gillette razor and a Dove soap 😉

– Identify the Emotional Quotient: Consumers today are constantly speaking (thanks to the growing Social and Digital channels), as marketers the logical 1st step must be to listen constantly and listen across channels. Connect these conversations with emotions and emotions with needs. This can truly help every marketer design their offerings and convey them at the right time, so that your communication is not a spam but a ‘helping hand’

– Don’t feel shy to talk – Once you are well-versed with listening, emotions and needs; then go and talk before someone else does. Most marketers today are busy deciding how to place their company logos, color combination, etc. Wake-up! your brand ambassadors are all there and till the time you don’t talk (sense ofcourse), they will never know you care. So, employee silency policies dont always work!

– Review – We all make mistakes, achieve, rejoice, complain and so on; the crux is to learn from every single process and enhance every single data-point. Identify the practices that yields results, reward the consumers who deserve to be rewarded, spend efforts on influencers and so on.


These were simple steps to create consumer delight from your very own database, however its not that easy to put the execution steps in a blog you see. I shall soon be back with a whitepaper on the same providing detailed measures and processes for execution… Watch this space!




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