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Social Media | From search engine to being found

June 16, 2012

Back in 2001, when I had an MSN chat account, it was called – GiJoe16 … but do we still have such silly usernames? In fact, we dont prefer to that anymore!

The Internet has civilized – from a jungle to a real geography. Forget about hiding our identity, we want to be more searchable these days. Guyz at google worked hard to cache information and people and today we ourselves want to be found. In fact, we work hard to make ourselves searchable.

Indians can understand the plight of having a name like amit and rahul – two most common names on the desi earth. I strive to ensure that when someone types Rahul Singh in LinkedIn, I appear as one of the first few results. And, Im sure so do many of us.

Basically, the dynamics of the world has changed – we want the world to find us, like our content, share and engage. In a way, this shifts the power from marketer’s hands to consumer’s hands. While brands are still advertising on TV and Print, the key difference is that consumers don’t have a say there. And a completely different scenario is the social media – the consumers can talk, share, amplify, create anything they want… Maybe, that’s the reason why most experts are planning to integrate the offline and the online world. And, consumers are gradually turning into influencers… Honestly, its great to be a part of this transit

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