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#SSTweetStore | Indian retail meets twitter

June 16, 2012

Yeah, so several tweeples (including me) were tweeting with the hashtag #SSTweetStore and were hoping their tweet to be the 500th or 1000th and what not – Thanks to Shoppers Stop! (The leading Indian high-end retail chain managed by Raheja Group).


@Shoppersstop came up with a twitter campaign and hashtag-based contest – its not about quality or creativity of tweet or number of tweet, it is about probability of the tweet – ur timely luck makes you win!

@Shoppersstop announced prizes for every 850th or 1000th tweet – different giveaways at different numbers for tweeters tweeting with #SStweetstore.





Consumers, marketers and enthusiasts tweeted about the event and most of them liked it. The hashtag also trended in most cities!


1) Over 22K tweets

2) No creativity needed, even the dumb can partcipate

3) Direct engagement

4) Easy to enhance, relaunch and run future campaigns



1) Poor quality of tweets

2) Slow pace – since the gap between 1 give-away milestone and the next was high. E.g.: 500th and 1000th tweet









1) This is social media, so they could have easily added a feature to tag a friend with every tweet and hence enhance virality


Overall feedback:

While most experts criticized the campaign post it got over and even told that #sstweetstore never trended; in my view it gathered a lot of eyeballs (consumers, experts, marketers, enthusiast) and its just a matter of incorporating knowledge from this campaign and enhancing it with the next one. Good initiative!


P.S.: I did not win any of the give-away 😦


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  1. amit permalink

    Great insights… Keep it coming!

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