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Evolution is the new survival

January 5, 2013

I no longer use a floppy disk, nor audio cassettes, nor do I even go to a photo-print store, nor do I log-in yahoo messenger, nor do I use yellow pages. And Im sure, almost everyone will agree to it. But, the bigger question is – Why have we moved on? Is it that we stopped feeling the need to use it or its just that pioneers in the industry believed in a better tomorrow and adapted well to the future!

Im sure it was not that simple, because if that were the case – An online version of a yellow pages would have been Google. But, its a lot more than that. Its the power to map innovations with latent needs. Its the power to tell a story which people would not only love to listen but also love to share. Remember the Yelp Monocle App, didnt we all shout-out and say its something great? Did any of us, before using the app, felt the need for any such utility; perhaps not. And that’s where excellence comes from – the power to create usable innovation and embrace the users of tomorrow.

Mere innovation is sometimes not enough, it needs to be backed-up with organization wide acceptance and belief. We all know the kind of trouble the legendary: Kodak is in today. Kodak was a pioneer in the imaging and photography industry and they were fairly innovative. In fact, they were the ones to actually design the first digital camera. But, then they felt that they might just cannibalize their existing line of product and hence never marketed it. Sadly, that did not stop competitors from marketing a digital camera and we all know where those players are vis-a-vis Kodak.  

In fact, innovation and belief are also sometimes incomplete. Look at Nokia, for instance. They were amongst the first players to create the entire “Smartphone” concept and the whole idea of Apps and App store. They used it well and sold millions of phones. But, what they forgot is to future-proof their own property and keep it updated with time and constantly enhance. The result, well heartbreaking!

In a nut-shell, Evolution is not that easy. In my view, it is successful only with the confluence of — Continuous Innovation (with usability), Being Future-ready and Organization-wide Belief. When all these coincide, organizations tend to differentiate and in a manner that consumers of today and tomorrow would love to be associated with them.


The next blog will take you back to technology in marketing and contact optimization. Happy 2013.


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