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Embracing Cross-Channel Data – The Marketers’ Perspective

June 9, 2013

In my previous post, I talked about the implication of big data on Marketing… This post answers the what and how. So, while we say that as marketers we are aware of what people are saying over digital and social channels and we also derive insights from what my consumers are saying on interaction channels (branch, call centre, POS, etc.) – there still exists a missing link. The missing link is the connectedness between what consumers are saying (social & digital platform) and what we are telling us (branch, call centre, POS, etc.). The image below (not a very creative one though) explains this gap.


  The key here is “Embracing” – Embracing all channels in totality to create synergies. While we very well analyze our efforts on Facebook or Transactional Data or Call Center Performance in silos, understanding what they can do together and gaining a holistic view is vital. Running a successful targeted campaign is always a win for any marketer, even myself. But, engaging with consumers is a lot more than merely running campaigns or providing the right offer. Its about creating thoses experiences that matters.

In this age where we have loads of data and herculean processing powers, there’s a lot that we can do. Going micro is perhaps the right answer. We need to leapfrog the segmentation barrier and focus on creating micro-segments and micro-experiences. This gives brands an opportunity to understand each consumer differently and allocate resources accordingly. From a business standpoint is increases efficiency and bottomline however, the larger picture is that your customers and prospects will be happier with the offers and receptive to messages.



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