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Big Data: From the marketers glasses

October 8, 2013

In case you’ve been working in a marketing communications job since the past 7 years and have collected 2-3 hard-disks of data and have been terming that as big data – obviously, you are wrong! On the contrary, if you’ve been coming across multiple whitepapers on leveraging big data and you forwarded it to your pal in IT – Guess what, you were wrong again!

Remember when your B-school professor told you: hey, marketing is an art and a science – He was right. Not taking anything away from the creative or art aspect of it but, trust me this era is more of ‘Science.’ Consumers, Prospects, Media, Investors and Partners are all creating data in some form or the other and via multiple channels. You can’t give away this goldmine of information completely to your IT team. That would be criminal. So, what do we do?

The answer is two-fold: 1) Align 2) Integrate. These are nowhere listed in the 4P’s of marketing or 3V’s of big data. This is something that I can share based on my experience.

When I say align, I mean align It with Marketing. This appears simple on face of it, but it’s not. Marketing is no longer someone who’s dumb in technology or they use technology coz IT said so. Marketers need to evaluate technology that they feel is easy to use, collaborative, scalable and above all gives them better engagement opportunities with their consumers and customers. For instance, analysing data visually through easy to use GUI and being able to share them with your teams. Being able to club social data with organisation’s data and deriving predictive insights. This is what alignment can do for you. And by the way, it liberates the IT department too.

Integrate: Yeah, the world asks you to integrate. After all we are Integrated Marketing Communication Professionals. Actually, the real value of integration comes from being able to take data-driven decisions even while executing the smallest of the activities. Being able to predict outcomes, forecast trends, have clear metrics and speak numbers. It is important to drive this as a culture instead of a mandate.

Data will continue to flow, there’s no going back. Big data will never shrink, it will only grow. People will keep commenting, sharing, creating content, and expressing themselves. As marketers, it is vital for us to ‘Listen’ and then act. Keep subscribed to this space, to no more on how you can implement this!



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