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Data Deluge – Identify what’s important

November 4, 2013

I’ve heard many marketers talking about data and there are many IT service and product providers who fuel this fire 🙂 In a way, it’s good that marketers are thinking about managing the data flood. However, are we really required to care about the flood? Wouldn’t it be better to deal with knowledge instead of noise – Oh yeah!

Sifting through is the key. While all comments on Facebook might not be important – few might be sacrosanct. Having a knowledge engine in place will help. Now the 1st question – what is a knowledge engine? It’s not a globally accepted term however I refer it to as the combination of an efficient data management, analytics and reporting ecosystem.

Analysing data from multiple disparate sources, integrating it with in-house data, analysing data to derive insights and presenting it in a form that is actionable and usable by non-technical users. Weaving the thread of knowledge in the fabric of your marketing organisation is vital. Making marketers leverage technology is not just a matter of adoption but a culture as well.

Data comes in different forms, formats and multiple sources. Finding the most valuable nuggets of information is important. Many times we identify these nuggets after many instances have already taken place. That, in many ways, is mere post mortem. Being proactive in understanding data and focussing resources on the most valuable pieces holds the key.


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